My name is Julia. I’ve loved sketching drawing, and painting since I was a child. Now that I’m grown-up, I quit my corporate job and am dedicating myself to my true love: creating. In 2019 I fell in love with fine-line tattoo art. The emotions evoked by these bold, yet delicate designs inspired me to develop my own style. Before I knew it, I had dozens of pictures hanging on my walls.

All of the pieces you find here are hand-drawn and cleaned up on my tablet. I’m passionate about my art because it allows me to study and ruminate on the intricacies of nature. I picture my art in nurseries and living rooms. I imagine young children looking closely at the details as they grow and gaining an early love of life’s living treasures.

As an LGBTQ+ artist, supporting young people is a cause especially close to my heart. All children should feel safe and empowered to express who they truly are inside. That’s why 10% of yearly profits go to local projects that support LGBTQ+ youth.

Just as I was inspired by pioneering artists, I want you to be inspired by my artwork. By looking closely at the fine lines, tiny dots, and curving arcs we can slow down the pace of our lives and let in joy, wonder, and curiosity. This is what I want to share with you, and by bringing a piece of my art into your home, you can keep the cycle going by sharing these feelings with others.

Julia Mace - Artist

ABOUT Julia Mace

I am a fine-line and stipple artist based in Chicago, Illinois. Originally from Westchester County, Pennsylvania, my work is inspired by a life of exploring forests, deserts, and mountains. I have lived and worked in four countries on four continents: Japan, New Zealand, Iceland, and the USA. Each of these vastly different places continue to inform and inspire my work.


ABOUT Julia Mace Art

Julia Mace Art is a locally owned and operated studio in Logan Square, Chicago, USA. It is home to a stunning array of pen, charcoal, and digital art with pop-up exhibitions in the Chicagoland area. I offer high-quality prints portraying flora, fauna, surrealism, stipple technique, and more. Commission requests are welcome for illustrations, tattoos, wedding invitations, etc. I hope that you find inspiration in pieces you truly adore here at Julia Mace Art.


Office Chic

A clean and finely detailed piece of art adds a point of interest and conversation to your office.

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Gallery Vibe

Several pieces with the same theme pull together a large or disjointed space, turning it into a journey.

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Modern Nursery

Unite class and cute with highly detailed and whimsical prints that will inspire your child as they grow.

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Statement Art

A single piece of large art can stand alone in a room and make it feel full. Choose one that matches your overall decor with a few accent colors.

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Pop of Contrast

Monochrome art can bring your style to life. Add an accent color that matches your décor to tie a room together in a way that is uniquely you.

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Apartment Style

Medium-sized pieces with a white background bring personality to tight spaces without cluttering.

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Eye-catching Color

Complement a neutral palette with pieces featuring bold tones and fine details, adding understated interest to a sophisticated area.

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